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Civil Simulation Systems

We work with the best choice of Simulators; directly from the best worldwide manufacturers to your training facility doors, using simulation makes your training life easier and preserves your time, money and energy. We offer two types of Civil Simulators; Air & Land.

1- Flight Simulators:

- Class D simulators (full motion) Different types of Aircrafts
- Static Flight Simulators
- Weather, Radio, Terrain Full training Packages
- Perpetual update Maintenance and Spare parts

Our Suppliers are major companies located in Canada, USA, Spain & Turkey.

Our Clients are Aero clubs, Aviation Training Centers and Aviation Companies.


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Driving Simulation: Full or Semi Car cabin Automatic or Manual Gear Possibility to Customize scenery according to your town Full Training & Testing applications, Perpetual update Maintenance and Spare parts.

The easiest and cheaper way to train your Students, driving license applicants and even your school pupils.

Avoid weather conditions outside; while you still can set the weather conditions which you desire on the simulator.