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Military Simulation

High cost of military aviation training is becoming a burden for most countries in the Middle East to train qualified pilots, air-staff and ground soldiers. We worked hard with the best and most reputable companies to bring you the most reliable and close to reality military simulators for Air and ground Battle fields which will elevate your army to the level of modern world armies.

1- Flight Simulators:

  Full Motion Simulators
  Static Simulators
  Weather, Radio and Terrain
  Full Training Packages and Perpetual updates
  Maintenance and Spare parts

 Especially designed to match your air force 

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2- Ground Battle Field:


Constructive simulation for joint operation of military troops from a soldier to squad level in detailed operation scenarios with after action review.


Training Capabilities include: 2D and 3D visualization

  Attack/defense operations
  Trail operations
  Security operations
  Source Analysis