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Immersive Therapy

Interactive Hospitalization and Recovery Systems

Use and Purpose:

Body gesture-based control systems are highly effective for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, activation, recreation and sensory stimulation.  Whether through video immersion,  full-body interaction, or multi-media special effects, motion-control technologies produce an exhilarating experience of body awareness, and can enhance physical and cognitive abilities for those with cerebral palsy and autism, or patients recovering from stroke.

Touch-free, motion-activated solutions for virtual reality physical therapy, multi-sensory stimulation and immersive play let patients (regardless of age, ability or condition) have fun in a hygienic environment and experience marked improvement in their physical and cognitive abilities.

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While all those activities and actions are recorded into the doctors' system to initiate good and useful reports for doctors and patients to work with. 

Whether for entertainment or rehabilitation, our interactive health technologies provide hours of enjoyment for patients of all ages, in patient rooms, therapy rooms or waiting rooms. Virtual reality therapy has been proven to help reduce patient anxiety and pain during procedures and to increase patient motivation and effort during rehabilitation.